Wrecking is for the more experienced angler. On a wrecking day we generally steam to a variety of different wrecks where we will be fishing Pollock and Coal fish and Cod amongst others.

Tea and coffee are provided.



General day.

This is the best type of fishing for beginners. When we do this type of fishing we often start off the day  catching mackerel. Then we will go on to fish for other species like dogfish, dabs, whiting and maybe tope and Huss. Then we may come in to do the reefs where there is a chance of catching Pollock, Wrass, and Collie.


Tea and coffee are provided.



4 hour short trip

When we do a four hour evening of day trip we would usually start off trying to catch some mackerel and then anchor up and try for the bottom fish such as dabs and whiting, dogfish and huss. This is a good way to see if you like fishing or not. Tea and coffee are provided.



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